“Although mowing a lawn might look easy, it is not. There are a couple of important things that need to be done to keep a healthy lawn. It is our priority to maintain your lawn looking at its best.”

  • Tree and Shrub Planting and Seasonal Flowers

    Tree and Shrub Planting and Seasonal Flowers

    With careful planning, you can have shrubs flowering in your yard almost all year long. Blooming shrubs are perfect as foundation plants, for screening, or as focal points in the landscape. Some set fruit after […]

  • Organic Insect Control Tick/Mosquito/Flea

    Organic Insect Control Tick/Mosquito/Flea

    This service utilizes a 100% organic tick control product. It is a much safer, but still an effective, alternative to usual pesticide applications. Master Lawns’ organic tick spray program is designed to drastically reduce the […]

  • Spring Cleanup and Mulching

    Spring Cleanup and Mulching

    During the spring season, many of our clients use our Spring Cleanup services to refurbish their lawns and landscapes. Our Spring Cleanup services include some prep work to the beds, edging and mulching of the […]

Did you know?…

The first and most important step is to always have sharp blades when moving a lawn. This will keep the lawn looking good. If the lawn is not cut with sharp blades the lawn will look dull and have a whitish appearance. Dull blades ruin lawns as it takes more time for grass to recover leaving it susceptible to insects, heat problems, multiple disease and chemical burn.

The best time to mow a lawn is when dry lawn mower blades will cut through grass effortlessly decreasing damage to grass blades. Moving a lawn at a decent speed is very important this will leave a more even cut than speeding doing a quick job

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We’ve added several Maintenance services and more Lawn care services that allow you to have and sustain  healthy and great looking outdoors.

Lawn Spring and Fall Aerating

Why Aeration should be done to the lawn:

  • Helps oxygen to get to the roots and soil, allowing it to “breathe”
  • Fertilizers and nutrients get better access to the root system
  • Water is able to better absorb into the soil and reach the root system
  • Helps reduce water runoff, helping limit soil erosion
  • Helps to break up thatch. Thatch forms when pieces of dead grass and other matter gather above the soil and it is not broken down quickly enough to be beneficial becoming an impenetrable mat not allowing water nutrients and air from getting to the roots of the grass

After core Aeration is complete over-seeding to existing turf areas will be done. Where every large bare spots need to be re-seeded this will be done of for an additional price.

Barajas and Sons is dedicated to providing the highest quality of work for each service contracted by their customers. Our main focus is “Customer satisfaction”. We take pride in the work that is performed, and we make sure that is done right the first time.
We service Lawn and shrub care, Snow Removal , Tree cutting, irrigation services, masonry repair, Pruning, Fall and spring Aerating, Gutter clean , Fall Pruning , Spring clean up and Mulching, Organic insect control Tick/mosquito/flea , Tree and shrub Planting also seasonal flowers.
As a family owned and operated business all estimates and as well as the work is done by the owner and sons and not by any sub-contracting work. We make sure we are present in every step of the way in order to ensure the highest quality for the best results.
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